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Their sponsors come and go, however during that episode, they were making sure that everyone saw it and recognized it for what it was.

I am not familiar with all the different brands of guns and what they look like, as my primary interest is old Ithacas,


they focused in on the grip cap on the forearm on the side profile, they came back to Si's gun many times.

There was a financial reason that they did so. Whether it was a freebie to try out, or the fact that Benelli is a wholly owned subsidiary of Beretta Holding Co. they were making sure that everyone saw it.

The Brownings didn't get the closeups that Si's gun did.

read down and find "Expanding in 2000"

read down and find subsidiaries

So whether it was a Benelli, a Beretta, whatever, if Benelli is a show sponsor, then by default so is Beretta and they were making a point of showing off one of their guns.

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