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Uncle Malice - I bought my 590 with a 20" bbl, heat shield and bayonet lug. I have the Speedfeed 4 spare round stock and a side-saddle shell holder on it. Ten extra shells is nice.
Yeah, I know the standard model 590 comes with a heat shield. I've never seen the A1 models have one though. I ran the 6shot side saddle on one of my 500's for a while. Didn't really like it. For me, it just added too much bulk to the side of the gun. I prefer to keep it as streamlined as possible. I just run the Allen elastic buttstock shell holder with extra rounds on that. If I'm going to need more than that, I have a full bandoleer hanging inside the closet that I can grab if I need to move.

Don't be surprised if you buy a bead front sight barrel for that gun as you learn a GRS is only good for turkey hunting.

Mossberg absolutely made a Parkerized heat shield for the bead sight 590-A1 tubes. I have one on mine...
Heh. I'm actually ordering a rear ghost ring and replacement barrel for my 20" 590A1 because I like these so much.

Can you please provide the model or part number for the 590A1 heatshield? Mossberg doesn't list it on their site and you can't order one from the factory.

AIMPRO does offer one though:
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