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Not a lot of women around that would want to practice with the LCP. They can do a reasonable job of what they are supposed to do, but not much fun to shoot. I always figure if a woman has a handgun she is comfortable with shooting, there is more likelihood of her carrying it and actually being able to hit something with it. Once a little handgun bruises some knuckles, the fun is over and they are intimidated with them.
My wife isn't gun shy and can shoot .45's and whatever, but she does better with a smaller caliber. She took her concealled class with a Springfield EMP and did quite good with it.
I have a stable of guns that she can carry, but I encourage her to carry a J frame S&W she has in .32 mag, that she handles well. No safeties to deal with and she can empty it pretty quick on a man sized target.
The ladies prefer little cute handguns, but it's not the best normally for them.
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