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I second PAX's opinion on the LCP... it's a little beast. It does hurt like hell after just a few rounds. It snaps up upon recoil and the trigger guard gives your trigger finger a good crack every time.

However, I love it. It's a great shooter, and if you know what your doing, you can be very accurate with it. It's the best concealing gun I've ever encountered. And honestly, I love it...

But beware... it's not for an inexperienced shooter. If the wife knows what she's doing, and gets a chance to shoot one, and decides she's woman enough, she'll be real happy with it.

But if she's anything like my buddies wife... she'll get it... brag about it, talk about how nice and small it is... then take it to the range and watch everyone else shoot it because she cant hit anything with it and it actually scares her a little.

P.S. I found that slipping a bit of bicycle inter tube over the grip makes it much easier to handle, but it's not too sticky to get a good pull from your pocket. I would recommend a pocket holster for it, and there are some pretty decent inside the waist band holsters for it too... That thing really disappears when used for concealed carry.

This is my experience with the "old" one... I didnt even know about the new one till I read this thread. Obviously the sights on the new one are a big bonus. But I wonder about the trigger, yeah it's shorter and lighter, but does it still come all the way back to the frame like the old one? I guess a better question would be, where does it break?

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