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Agree with Thump and Tunnel as well as with Scotchman. HK45, a full size .45 with 10 round magazines or Hk45C....the perfect .45 for me. It's soft shootin' for a .45, no doubt. The .45c is good for range, home defense and carry. It's reliable and accurate holding 8-10 rounds depending on your magazine choice. Comes with interchangeable back strap for personalized grip fit. Light LEM trigger, which I really like. Another trigger configuration is DA/SA with long heavy first pull and/or cocked and locked a la 1911, if preferred. Medium heavy LEM trigger is a possibility as well. It's an HK which means high quality and durable construction. Easy take-down and easy to clean. Threaded barrels available for use with a suppressor, if desired. What more can you ask for? The USP is a magnificent pistol. Its grip is just a little too big and blocky for me. If you have hands on the large side, it can't be beat. You owe it to yourself to hold and, if possible, fire all of the HK models. I bet you'll be hooked.
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