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Hunter-Those are the sights I used but I've since that picture changed the front sight to the #113 MVA sight with the bubble level and better aperture inserts. I was using a Magnum Past pad but obviously it did little good. I won't say I wasn't setting the butt right but didn't shoot it any differently than I have the 7mm Rem. Magnum in the past. I do believe my rear bag was too low as the heel of the rifle was probably only an inch or so from the concrete bench. However, if anyone has the book by Mike Venturino on Buffalo Rifles of the Old West you can see on page 12 where he is in a position at the bench just like I was and I'm sure he didn't suffer the bruises I did so, it's a mystery to me why I got so banged up. Hank Williams, Jr in that same book, page 234 is as low to the rifle as I was.

I can't or don't want to change the butt and ruin the value. I have ordered a LimbSaver pad to try and it fits my Browning BPCR perfectly but a tad large for the skinny 1 1/2" wide butt on the Shiloh but, I think it'll work. I'm going to try the Lead Sled Plus if that don't work.

Powderman-No way would I shoot your rifle...this one's bad enough and I was just using 76 gr of 2Fg with the 530 Postell bullet with a Walter's .030" wad over powder compressed about .250" and seated to the lower part of the drive band.

Next thing--it sounds like you are almost attempting to benchrest shoot the rifle. Don't do it!
That's exactly what I was doing-just like I was shooting a 30-06 or .222 for that matter. The worse for recoil from the bench I've shot was a 7mm Rem. Mag with 175 gr bullet...until recently. It didn't bother me like this one. I have ordered several pounds of Swiss 1.5 that should be here next week. I only have Goex and KIK 2F currently.

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