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It's got nothing to do with location. Guns aren't tools of intimidation for law-abiding folks.

What's particularly odd is that in the thread about the convenience store robbery, you made the same point that you're arguing against in this thread, when you said:

Originally Posted by SgtLumpy
is there anything else I could have possibly done, being that I would've had my gun on me?
I don't think we should look at any differently when armed vs unarmed. We shouldn't be putting ourselves into MORE danger, just because we're armed.

Sgt Lumpy

Thanks exactly my point. You are doing something specifically because you ARE armed. You're putting yourself in a situation that you would not put yourself in without arming yourself. Else ways, why would you not just go wash your car or get your paper or go talk to them WITHOUT specifically making sure that you do it while armed, specifically so they can see your gun?

It's not about open carry or otherwise. It's about mindset.
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