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Brian, I think your "mental state" argument is odd. My mental state, my projected intention ANY time I'm carrying open or conceiled, or even any time I'm not carrying, is that "I'm aware of you and the rest of my surroundings and not afraid to let you know it".

I can't imagine anyone open carrying but having the mental attitude "I'm not really ready to use this" "I'm not really paying attention to what's going on around me'.

The idea that the suspicious people might get offended or scared, and then leave, is exactly the desired action, whether it involves a gun or just turning on the porch light.

Burglar, Fuller brush man, kids smoking pot or door to door religious fanatic, if they're parked where I don't feel comfortable, I want them to leave. I don't care a bit if I've hurt their feelings because of my mental attitude.

And for perhaps the dozenth time, that may be different than the way you in NY look at suspicious or undesirable people.

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