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Originally Posted by Conn Trooper
There is a lot more to this story.
Thanks for the link, CT. How valid are police reports in a criminal or civil trial? Do they hold as much weight as, say, forensic evidence?

I ask because of this section from your link:
According to police reports obtained by FOX5 on Tuesday, both Michael and Anthony Mitchell had been in contact with the barricaded suspect on that day, alerting him to police activities.

The reports further indicate Anthony Mitchell refused orders from SWAT to vacate his house, instead putting on a ballistic vest and loading ammunition into a rifle magazine.
If a "report" is just some policeman inputting his hunches / suspicions into a database so the next detective on the case can come up to speed on the previous detective's mindset, then I would think they're not worth much in a court, but if they're the same as sworn testimony they would have a lot more weight.
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