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Here's a spreadsheet for you


Does your spreadsheet allow for the calculation of break-even point and include your time and your time to learn to load? (I have not yet added in a calculation to add the rental value of the space required for the loading room, as I don't have dedicated square footage.) (I also have not added in the cost of the gun required to shoot my loaded ammo, as that seems as silly as putting the cart before the horse.)

What do you think of these formulas?
Copy/paste into a spreadsheet starting at A1.)


and this at B1

Cost of the loading tools
Bullets (per thousand)
Primers (per thousand)
Powder (per lb)
load (grains per round)
spillage/shrinkage (I guess at 0% unless specified otherwise)
Brass (per hundred)
# of times each case is used (account for loss in this estimate. If Brass cost is zero, use 1)
Time required to load 1000 rounds. Include EVERYTHING. Picking up, cleaning, sorting, inspecting, filling primer tubes, etc.
Initial time learning to load
Cost per box for purchased ammuntion
Rounds per box referred to above
Incremental round count (50, 10, 20, 100: your typical production batch)
(Calculated) Cost per increment loaded
(Calculated) Cost per round
(Calculated) Savings per round
(Calculated) savings per hour. Your "wage" if you choose to see it that way.
(Calculated) Your breakeven point, in rounds produced
(Calculated) Your breakeven point, in hours

Anyone else with comments, please feel free to weigh in, but please, PLEASE, do not address the wisdom or folly of counting time spent enjoying a hobby. Please start another thread for that discussion.

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