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Sounds like they may have you well trained.

What will they do when the lights don't come on?
exactly... many burglars will scout out or [pattern profile] a potential home if they feel it meet their other requirement. Some ring the doorbell others goof around to see if their actions draw any attn. If the police are called, they already have their "story line" rehearsed to explain why they are there.

Personally, I call the cops anytime something odd is happening around my property, which boils down to about once a year. The last one was some dude in a old nova sitting diagonal from my house in the dark smoking a cig. My house is the only one around so I called the cops. They arrived before he finished his smoke and kept him there for nearly an hour. They let him go and I never saw him or his car again. He told the police that he was lost and trying a place to buy a map??? yeah right
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