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It's not a felony to open carry in my state. It's not a misdemeanor. It's not a crime. There's not even a permit needed. I never suggested confronting the car but even then, confronting a car or stranger while open carrying is not a crime in my state either.

Some of you just aren't getting that it's not illegal, nor at all uncommon to see people in AZ walking around everywhere with an open carry pistol. It's not scary or against the law or given a second thought. People will walk up to others that are carrying and say things like "Hey, do you like that Serpa holster? I'm thinking of getting one for my Beretta", stuff like that.

In contrast, by the sound of some of the posts, in some areas, or in some people's minds, it's scary to even go outside and look at a suspicious vehicle on your street.

Either way is fine with me. Different areas have different customs.

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