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Wingmaster 20 Gauge

I've got a 20 gauge 870 here that I have owned for a couple of years.
It was a fairly inexpensive pawn shop buy, I knew it needed some work when I got it.
It had a home paint job of some god awful green an white attempt at a camo paint job. They did NO prep painted rite over the rusted barrel and the fore end pump was cracked rite down the inside center.
After some time soaking in a solvent bath, and rustoleum removed, I had the gun re-parkerized, yes I know they weren't parkerized from the factory just a cheap almost blue'd finish. I figured may as well do it rite. The gun smith used marine epoxy and patched up the pump action like new, and the wood grain is nice again no more paint.
The reason why I am here today, is that lately when I go to load it, the shells are not going where they should.
With the first round, when I push it in the breech from the lower, and pump to load it fails and end up under the ramp and not going into the chamber. My best guess so far is that the shell latches may be tired an not holding correctly.
Any input would be appreciated, I don't have a lot of shot gun experience mostly pistols and semi-automatic rifles. So, I figured ask the folks that do have the knowledge after all.
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