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If you can deal with canted sights that don't allow enough adjustment to zero the rifle, or a poorly opened magwell that prevents proper feeding, more power to you (or you have very low standards of what to expect out of an AK).
Is this lack of QC rampant?
How rampant, on a scale is it 7/10? 9/10?

I assume most would find this frustrating, and Century's poor 1-year warranty (which starts from date of manufacture) is not comforting.
Dude, again ***?...please stop with your misinformation.
Warranty on Century firearms starts w/date of purchase, and I don't mean on the docks in Cugir.

Of course, as I already stated, a good WASR works as well as any other AK, and I personally have nothing against them.
Yeah, one can tell

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