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There is a certain inconvenient unpopular truth which I will state now. If Officer Smith discharges their weapon into someone for whatever reason then they have the law, the unions, the chief and lots of lawyers behind them. Most officer involved shootings are ultimately ruled justified and written off by the public as a tragic situation even when the person shot didnt even have a weapon.

On the other hand civilians do not get off so easily...

This is why I subscribe to the philosophy of not escalating a situation. I encourage involving the police when possible. Its simply not worth it in regards to yourself and the community of owners. Any shooting by a civilian can be used to champion the cause of banning firearms like the Bidens of the world want to do. If Biden had his way no one would own a firearm.

Running around displaying your firearm for situations which dont call for it helps the Bidens of the world champion their cause. Look what happened in California where it was legal to open carry an unloaded firearm. Some rights activists took to the street showing their arms and then they made new laws banning the practice. So its not a good idea to test the waters in that way because who wins? Joe Biden and his merry men.
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