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Strange car outside

Originally Posted by HisDudeness View Post
SgtLumpy makes my point even clearer. I live in AZ as well. Outsiders may find it strange to see the amount of guns openly carried and the willingness of strangers to approach and question others. That is life in the Grand Canyon State. You might live in a state where the populace tends to hide under a bed and call the po po. You might live in a state somewhere in between. There is such variety in America as to what may be appropriate.
In east ky-tn area open carry is not a big deal. I see kids in there early 20's in wal Mart OC. No one says or thinks anything about it. There's a lot of hunting there. Connecticut or somewhere might be different. If a suspicious car was out front of a home, the homeowner wouldn't need to let them know they're armed... Everybody IS!
Little old ladies, kids.. It doesn't matter. Everyone has between 1-50. At least in the area of my farm
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