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When I started reading this thead I thought to myself... It can't kick that bad can it?

Well...I'm still ptetty young and dumb so I don't notice reciol much. My father however is getting up there in age(70+) and on blood thinners. He's not the type to complain about pain, but I have noticed over the last few years his .62 cal caplock has been kicking his butt. Well not as bad as those pictures, he still gets bruised pretty bad from those 900 grain bullets over 120gn of FFF.

I'd bet it's just part of getting old, the blood thinners or both.

Oh... There's nothing wrong with using a recoil pad. They work well and to heck with the manly men, shooting should be fun!!! Unless you enjoy pain you won't shoot that gun and that would be sad.

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