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The Colt Grizzly was a .357 Magnum. It was a special version of the King Cobra that had two differences (as far as I know or could see): It had the three cuts on the sight line, like the Anaconda, and it had a smooth cylinder, all the way around. It was just a gorgeous gun. For some reason, Colt decided not to name the Grizzly after a snake theme.

The action was exactly like a King Cobra, because it was a King Cobra. It didn't have the buttery trigger of the Python.

I had them all in the 6 inch barrel version. It's sad because I tried a search online, and I think Colt has discontinued all the snake themed revolvers.

I really wish they would bring back the Python. That gun was my favorite revolver ever, and the best revolver ever made in the history of all mankind and in the history of the universe.

And finally, just the names and themes that Colt chose for all their revolvers is just soooooo bad ass. I mean...a King Cobra and an Anaconda...come on now. That's just too awesome.
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