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If I were in your situation, that sucker would be goin' down the road and I'd be in the market for something like a 38/55 that would be fun to shoot.
I have a Winchester Legendary Frontiersmen in that caliber and it's a lot more fun to shoot than the 45-90. It's like a .22 compared to it. If I had any sense I would have stopped after the first couple rounds from Big Bertha but you don't want to drive 20 miles to the range and fire two rounds so, I tried to endure the pain. I paid the price later.

Rebarreling it doesn't sound like a good idea from what Old Stoney said but, I had put in a message Lucinda at Shiloh to ask about rebarreling it to 38-55 or 40-70 and the cost but haven't heard back yet. I think I would like the 40-70 as 38-55 seems like a waste of heavy barrel/rifle going to that caliber and I have one of those already. I may end up spending another $1k getting it shipped and rebarreled, however and that's not good.

i may be wrong and a wuss about this but I don't think this caliber/butt plate configuration was meant to be fired 20 times from the bench like a 30-06. Some may be able to do that but obviously not me. I wanted to sight it in and test loads and I can't do that with a 12 pound rifle standing up. There no way I'd fire a 50-110 from any position. That would be like a 460 Weatherby, probably or worse. As Clint once said, every man needs to know his limitations!

This also helps firing from the sitting position, hold the fore end of the stock TIGHT.
I wasn't holding the rifle with the left hand at all. I had my left hand cupped around the rear bag like I was shooting a .222 Remington Varmint Rifle. I'm definitely not going to cut the stock. I'll try the LimbSaver on the butt in conjunction with the LeadSled. If that doesn't help I'm out of ideas. I was probably the one that created this problem by hunching over the rifle like a target rifle. Apparently you don't do that with a large bore bruiser like this one.

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