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I have been involved in two of the Exeter guns (SP2022 in both cases), the one I bought and the one my nephew bought.

Mine was just fine. Good fit and finish and function and continues to do so with pushing about 1000 rounds through it.

My nephews match it to to T (2 years after roughly) but on firing the brass had a ring in it.

Upshot was the chamber was badly reamed.

I don't think thats typical but it does say something about quality control that something that obvious was not caught.

New barrel just fine and functions just fine. Reports seem to be a few percentage of the US made guns have issues. They did try the usual BS about breaking it in and my brother came down on them like a ton of bricks.

We have no idea on the German side for failures and that does not mean flawed guns, but what you do to catch it before it goes out the door.
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