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The DPMS Oracle .308, MSRP of $1099 and somewhat less if you search the Internet, is optics ready. Add a low-budget scope and you will enjoy VERY sub-MOA groups all day long. They are genuine tack-drivers. Sure, a .308 entry-level bolt gun with a factory mounted variable scope, that will deliver equal accuracy can be had for ~$400. But that's the end of it.

The AR platform offers its owner opportunity for almost infinite customization. Swap uppers for more target oriented set ups with long, heavy barrels, even swap calibers for different applications. Multiple sighting and lighting options may be installed simultaneously to address varying circumstances. And if the poop ever hits the oscillating blades, you have a dandy battle rifle as well. Serious hi-capacity magazines, even drums can be had if desired. The AR in 308 is a rifle that will grow along with you, meeting your increasing experience and changing needs or wants at every step. Entry-level bolt guns eventually morph into monuments to diminishing marginal returns.

Nothing comes close to the flexibility, and versatility of the AR15 platform. Buy it right, and resale value stays high. Occasionally, as you can see on auction sites, they even appreciate. Your bargain bolt gun will lose value before the ink is dry on the 4473. You get what you pay for, sometimes, and a .308 AR rifle is definitely one of those times.
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