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BTW... that one has much prettier wood that the 50-90 I was looking at last night...
It would take two of the worlds most renown wrestlers to get me to fire that one.!!

I'm really wanting to stay with black powder. I have several pounds of Goex 2F, Swiss 2F, 1 1/2, and a pound of KIK 2F so, you can see why. Getting smokless powder is nearly impossible these days. I looked all over and curry combed the countryside till I finally found a pound or two of H4198 for my 38-55 and paid a premium for it. Use to you could get that by IMR for a little less than $5 per pound.

I'm going to try a lighter bullet and lower the charge a bit to see if that helps but it'll take another week or two till my shoulder can stand things again. By then my LimbSaver should be here.
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