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Dear Forum brothers and sisters,

Thank you so much for your prompt replies to my current pressing question. Your answers have helped me.

.45s in GI slides tend to be more popular here with bodyguards, narcos, etc. yet commander slides are available, just harder and more limited to find.

I'mset on the Bul M-5 Commander .45 but my second choice is the Charles Daly .40 Commander, both are hi-caps, both are very well made, and both are in a 1911 frame.

Lets see what happens on the 19th of this month. Whether my arms dealer gets the M-5 for me or not.

An answer to a question:
Yes, hollow points are available here including other exotics like Black Rhinos, Glazer and such.

If anyone else has further input as to the difference between 9mm and .40 then please feel free to comment.

Remember, I'm a fellow American-born citizen living in a third world country. Your input is vital.

Best regards,
D. Idaho

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