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I can say this,
In a SHOOTING COMPETITION, You can give a so so shooter a top of the line race gun, and see very little improvement in his scores.

But you give a good shooter a decent gun, and his performance will not be far off from his normal scores.

It is all about experience and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and PRACTICE!

Know the gun you shoot.
Where does it hit at 10 ft, and at 15 yards, 25, 40, 50, 75, even out to 100.
Shoot it enough with the same load (the one you have found to be most accurate out of that gun.) until you automatically know where it will hit at any given distance with that load.

It doesn't matter what you are shooting (.22, .44 cap & ball, .38spl, 9mm, .45 acp. or what ever,)learn what you shoot.

Learn to shoot around that load. (2 inches low at 10 ft. dead on at 15 & 25, 5 inches high at 50, dead on again at 70, and 7 inches low at 100)

I used to shoot Black powder competition in the 80's
And 3 gun (long before it became popular), and IPSC.

I once heard a big name shooter say, "Its not the guy that spent $3000 for a new gun that worries me. Its the guy that spent $3000 in powder, primers, and projectiles that i am worried will beat me"
I make 2 predictions:
1. The US Soldier will have on his person a version of the Colt 1911.
2. He will be aiming the NEW Weapon at someone carrying an AK.
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