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I don't have anything against tactical accessories if they serve a purpose. I think the most important thing you need on a fighting shotgun is a sling. I have always been amazed by the lack of slings on police shotguns. What do you do with the gun if you need both hands, set it down on the ground or ask the bad guy to hold it for you. One of the departments I work for has slings on the Remington 870s but not the Winchester 1300s, go figure. The other dept. which still uses shotguns doesn't have slings. My go to shotgun is a Win. Model 12 18in and it's only modifications are a sling and a hiviz bead. My truck gun is a Maverick 88 set up the same but with a folding stock I just like the safety in front of the trigger guard where my finger rests. Just what works for me.
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