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I have multiple "45s" in various cartridge sizes all the way up to a 458Winnie (which will give me a headache off the bench from headsnap with a dozen rounds of 500 grainers). But I am otherwise not sensitive to recoil per se in any other shooting position.

That said, my 45-90 Rolling block (525gr Paul Jones/85gr Swiss 1½)chewed up my shoulder during 55 rounds of a rambash exactly as shown by ColtColt's pic above. Turns out that I was wearing a coat liner whose company logo was embroidered exactly at that spot, and whose rough underside lay up precisely between shoulder and buttstock -- bad juju.

Similarly the top of the crescent-shaped steel buttplate on my Great Plains 54 will "hurt" pretty good -- again when snuggled up to it in bench mode.

One option that works really well in the latter case is shoulder recoil pad as shown below:

(Cabelas -- in particular)

I recommend it highly.

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