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lol! Didn't mean to start an argument! This is my basis. Rugers don't feel right. I will wager that in a shooting match, a ROA would have no real advantage over any other competitors model. I have seen dead on Uberti's, Pietta's, etc. And every ROA you get is used. You can get a new Italian model for less than the used ROA in most cases. Other than that, if'n you like em, you like em. I hated the look of Remmys for a long time, I own 3 of em now, lol, and they are almost always one of the guns I take with me. So, end of the day, it was just how I felt, not even an opinion really. But then again, original poster sounded like he was trying to do it without mortaging his home, so once again, for the money, Pietta in whatever floats your boat from Cabelas. And now I will zip my trap
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