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Funny you should mention a re-barrel... you may find that not as easy as it sounds... I was at my local builder buddy's house yesterday... "hey bud... what's that in the rack on the wall"... "oh a new Sharpes in 50-90, that the owner wanted to rechamber in 50-70, because of excessive recoil"

sound familiar???

this guy ( my buddy ) is a retired tool & die guy, & loves working on this stuff, & has all his life, but the cost of the rifle, coupled with the nice case coloring, & the fact that they must use some type of thread locker on the barrel, he's afraid he'll mess up the case colors if he has to add heat ( he can't get the barrel to budge )... he had intended on shortening the barrel & making the chamber 50-70... since he told the owner he didn't want to mess up the rifle, the owner contacted Sharpes, & they offered to change out the barrel for $600.00... that added to the cost of the original rifle, & coupled with the fact, they didn't sound like they were going to send him his original barrel... so... there may be a 50-90 Sharpes on the market with "low miles"... I wish I could afford it, it's a beautiful rifle, & I'm not too proud to put a decelerator pad on the butt stock, & cover it with a leather butt cuff... but the cost of that rifle is way deeper than my wallet right now

at least it can be said you have good taste in your "too big a gun"
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