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Three weeks ago I bought the Kopf Cavalry Model O/U in 12 gauge. I have a small collection of higher end shotguns, including my all time favorite Citori that I use for clays, but I was nevertheless intrigued by the Turkish Kopf. It feels good, it balances well and it shoots much better than I expected. For a featherweight gun, the recoil is surprisingly light.
(using 1 ¼ ounce of shot, 2 ¾ drams of steam.)
It’s a mechanical gun, not inertial and it has extractors, not ejectors.

I bought it to use as a loaner, because I don’t allow anybody, friends or family within three feet of my trap and skeet guns. I’m not selfish! Just protective!

So far, I only put 200 rounds through it and while it’s not a Browning, it’s still a pretty nifty trap shooter. If you’re not used to a higher end gun, you’ll be impressed all to hell with the Kopf.

As far as long term endurance is concerned….who knows? But for the casual shooter (1,000 to 2,000 rounds a year) I think it will serve the purpose very well.
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