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My auto indexer is an RCBS piggyback which is mounted on a rockchucker. i recently updated the powder linkage to it is now case activated (If you've got a piggyback RCBS will give you a deal on the linkage). The pro is that it is fast and dependable-the con is that it will not load a casing any longer than a 223 because the index feature will start to turn the platform before a longer casing will come out of the dies. I have used it to load longer casings but in order to do it i had to disconnect the rotator stem and rotate it manually....

A lockout die is a die that goes in the station past the powder charging station. if the powder is missing from a casing it will lock up the station so that the machine will not rotate(i don't have one because all my stations are full of seaters and taper crimpers)it may even sense a double charge but i don't know...Dick
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