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I live on one of the main routes to Yellowstone National Park, so in the summer I see carloads of folks roll by every day from every part of the country, Europe, South America, etc. Some in busses, some in cars, some in Rv's and many on bicycles!

I often wondered if they really understand how many Wyoming cars they pass on the highways have firearms? They don't realize that it is at least a 50/50 chance that the local parked at the next gas pump is armed! I wonder if they did know, would they be nervous and fearful?
I've been working in Orlando the last couple of months. I'm wondering the same thing. When I was a kid, I knew a lot of people who hunted and stuff like that, but I didn't realize how many people kept handguns in their cars until 10 or 15 years ago. When I was a kid working in a garage, we used to find them sometimes, but not all that often, because most people take them out before they have their car serviced.

I was always interested in firearms for recreational purposes when I was a kid. My dad was more into fishing, so we fished. But I planned to buy a 22 rifle when I turned 18, and learn to shoot. When I turned 18 and had the money saved up, my wife nixed that idea. I just kinda put that idea on the back burner.

When I found out how many people were carrying/kept a handgun in their vehicles at work, I started asking questions. I honestly had no idea what was legal without a permit, or how easy it was to get a permit. It turned out my supervisor and several of my coworkers had permits. I decided to do it. The wife budged, because I was working in some pretty dicey areas, and I bought my first handgun.

That led to a hobby that included IPSC, hunting, and collecting, and my wife wasn't really happy with it. Her dad had guns, and she had been shooting with her dad once or twice, so it perplexed me that she had such a problem with it. I guess she just never really had any positive experiences shooting with her dad, and always heard all the negative stuff from the media. After 24 years of marriage, she finally went shooting with me last weekend. Just a short range trip- we put about 50 rounds through a little 32 revolver I happened to be carrying. I wouldn't say she's hooked, but she is a pretty good shot, and I think she'll go with me again sometime.
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