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knifeguy posted
What is the best way to improve Accuracy for these guns. I just bought a new one in 7mm-08. With factory ammo I get around a 3" group at 100 yards. With a 175grain hand load I can get a 1" group at 100yards. This is fine for where I hunt in the southeast, but I would like to improve the overall accuracy of the gun.

I have heard that some rugers behave badly when free floated. I also have synthetic stock. Should I bet the action? Any suggestions would be appreciated thanks


I think you have the answer -- reloading.
In all my days of shooting, I have seen my share of bolt guns that would shoot 3-6 inch groups with factory ammo. Conversely, I do realize there are those that will shoot sub MOA groups with the factory fodder.

Years ago I acquired a Rem 700 in 243 that no matter what factory ammo I used, best I could get was a 4" group. With Sierra bullets, my first reloads gave me a 3/4" group and saved the rifle from being sold or traded.
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