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9mm vs. 40 caliber

American citizen (Bersa, DP51, CCWP) living in Guatemala City, Guatemala, Central America:

Dear fellow forum readers,

I am in the market for a .45 caliber handgun to round out my cache of weapons. I have a Bersa Thunder .380 and a DP-51. A 1911 commander framed .45 would be ideal for my needs in this third world country where defense is not an option but a real must.

I have my eye on a Bul M-5 Commander .45 yet the arms dealer is running into delays in having it imported but he does have a Charles Daly Commander 40 caliber.

Now, my questions are... What is the difference between the 9mm and the 40 caliber? And since I already have a 9mm would adding a 40 caliber mean very much?
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