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IMO, overtravel can be an issue when the trigger's got excessive let-off. Let-off is the transition in pull weight when the sear breaks. A let-off that's really abrupt and harsh can itself affect accuracy, but it exacerbates overtravel, because with little resistance, your trigger finger is suddenly pulling through the overtravel abruptly.

Limiting overtravel can help mask a harsh let-off. Overtravel can be adjusted in SA triggers, but it's tough to do on DA triggers on DA/SA guns, since the trigger has to travel further in SA. Some revolver shooters who shoot DAO revolvers report that trigger stops can hurt accuracy when shooting DA quickly because the back of the trigger slams into the stop just as the shot breaks. The best solution here is to skip the trigger stop, and tune the DA trigger so it's smooth and consistent, and doesn't stack just before the sear breaks. You still have some overtravel, but it's no biggie because the let-off is smooth.
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