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I was in a hurry when posting the question: I do understand that barrels and sights do not swing by themselves but are often pushed off target laterally as we depress the trigger because the path of our trigger finger is in an arc - less so if we train for that particular trigger.

Perhaps this illustration will more clearly present my question.

Let's say we have a hypothetical pistol that has trigger over-travel of an immense 2 inches. Next to it we have another of the same type of gun that has an over-travel of 1 inch. Many would say the second gun has the better trigger. But if in live fire the bullet exits the barrel of both guns while the trigger has only travelled half an inch beyond the break point, has the over travel stop actually helped? Maybe not.

Does anyone know what the sequence of events are regarding the bullet exiting the barrel and trigger travel?

Am I missing something here? I just wonder if over travel stops are more for the shooter's perception than anything that actually help down range.

I understand that target triggers, set triggers, and single action triggers can be set up to have very little creep/travel. I can easily understand how those aid shooter accuracy. I'm wondering about over-travel.
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