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My opinion parallels bedbugs experience with the revolvers.

I started with them in the late 70's

I have owned at least 1 of pretty much every major one on the market at one point in time. (right now I own 5 colt types and 2 remington types)(a Uberti standard model and a Pietta Target model with adjustable sights from cabelas)

I have owned 2 ruger old army's (1 blue, and one stainless) while they are great guns, and really the strongest out there, to me it just didn't "FEEL" right in my hand.

I owned remingtons at the time i owned the rugers.

when i would grab a gun or 2 to go to play and have fun, it was always the remingtons.

Once I handled and shot the colt design, that is what i grab now when i go to play.
if i am just point shooting, and plinking, making cans roll, shooting reactive targets. I grab a colt type (i have 2 1851 navy .36 caliber designs, a 1860 army.44, and a 1861 navy.36, and a 1862 police model (5.5 inch barrel fluted chamber.36 caliber)

If i am going for a walk in the woods, or small game hunting, the police 5.5 goes along. (its shorter, and just points where i want it to)

Deer hunting no matter whether it is gun or black powder season? the 1860 .44 goes along.

Bottom line, go to a Cabelas, or Bass proshop that has a large selection of revolvers.
Handle them ALL, and decide what FEELS BEST.

if you don't like the way it feels you won't shoot it much..
Not if you have others to choose from.

Guns to me are like golf clubs to other people.
No single one works for every occasion.

Sometimes you need a bigger hammer, sometimes a smaller one.

45 Bravo
I make 2 predictions:
1. The US Soldier will have on his person a version of the Colt 1911.
2. He will be aiming the NEW Weapon at someone carrying an AK.
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