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I don't want to know. I have 2 Dillon presses and load for a few different pistol calibers. I load about 25k more or less a year. I'm good for the rest of the year and maybe a bit longer now. Since the money has been spent I don't really want to know what it may have been. Last year it was probably too much to say the least. I normally stock up prior to election years.

I have 2 Dillon Presses and all the equipment that goes along with them. I also have enough components to load over 20,000 rounds of ammo across 7 different calibers. Total cost would be close to $10,000+ if I totaled everything up. But the investment may go higher because I am thinking about adding another Dillon press.
I'am in the same boat. I've been reloading seriously for 21 years; but started with a Lee set-up way before that. Serious means DILLON. Like anything you love to do, you never add up the bucks. It's the same for my other hobby, sailing. Whether I use the boat or NOT, it still costs me $1200 a month to cover the costs sitting in a slip in Southern California.

I take reloading seriously with adult kids that use Dads MAN CAVE to feed their hobby once in a while. In reality, I've spent much more on guns; a large collection over a lifetime of shooting. Gun Games can add to the weekly 'round count' and in those months the Dillon 1050 can crank out 1200 rounds per hour if you shut off the cell phone first.

Reloading is therapy for me. I lock the door; run some classical music and enjoy the time.

This thread needs photos.

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