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CLP was good, and i guess still is, but there are a bunch of products that are more advanced nowadays
CLP is not exactly a product. It's a type of product. Several manufacturers blend their own version.

I'm not convinced there are "a bunch of products that are more advanced nowadays". I think there's a bunch that are more highly promoted because they're new and their ad gurus find out what pushes our buttons.

Guns, esp our kind of guns, don't wear out or fail because the lubricant we use isn't modern enough. It's all oil of some sort. It has this or that added to it. But one way or another, it's some kind of oil. Guns just aren't under that much stress compared to an internal combustion engine or a fighter jet or even your elbow joint.

We all probably over lube guns.

Put a little oil on 'em once in a while. Just about any kind will do.

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