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Technical question: over-travel

It seems like the current belief is that over travel stops improve accuracy - or that at least over-travel is a detriment to accuracy.

But is this really true? Wouldn't stopping a moving trigger and trigger finger cause a disturbance in sight alignment? The assumption of an over-travel stop is that the trigger and trigger finger will hit the stop so the barrel will stop swinging horizontally BEFORE the bullet exits. Less swing, the less your sights are off target. The trigger would have to stop before the bullet left the barrel. Does the sequence of events that occur in the firing of a round allow this assumption to work?

Bottom line question: do over travel stops truly aid accuracy when firing live rounds or are they something we appreciate more when we dry fire and see the sights move less?

I believe a trigger with a lot of over travel could be accurate: if the trigger is still moving rearward in the same place every time as the bullet exits the barrel
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