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Thanks for all this input, people, it's really interesting to see the different choices, the people who have specific likes/dislikes and those who really don't give it much trial/thought.

By that i mean those that just don't have a problem using something from under the sink, or perhaps something very outdated, and although works well, there are now newer products that work better than before.

It also seems to be very similar to car oil in that people have all sorts of opinions and things that work well for them.

So, right now, i have Hoppe's cleaner and Hoppe's oil, along with some old Outers cleaner and oil.
I have not used any of this yet, the Outers kit was a very old one that came with my wifes little single shot .22, and the Hoppe's is a quick kit i picked up from Bi-Mart a while back.

I just grabbed a 1$ sample pack locally for FrogLube, i also spent the weekend watching Froglube vids, trying to find reputable and realistic approaches to this. From everything i've found, and all the people i've spoken to about it, they all like it, all have switched everything to using it since trying, which i guess is a pretty good selling point.

I'm still on the fence as to whether i want to run Froglube over the whole weapon, or just on the slide points and get a more advanced (than Hoppe's) oil for things like the actions. I was thinking something like Slip2000 EWL or the Mil-Comm 2500.

Either way, my sisters P226 is coming tomorrow, she got it used and went out to use it, multiple feed problems etc, from what i can tell, it's filthy, but i'll find out for sure tomorrow.

I think i'll strip the whole thing and try Froglube across the whole weapon and see what happens.
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