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I agree with you FireForged.

"What did you learn in self defense school?"

""I learned the 12 point tactical move and stop maneuver. The tap-rack-bang maneuver. The more advanced tap-rack-tilt-bang maneuver. The walking command-fire-admin reload while command maneuver...[blah blah]""

The descriptions I read of the class outline in most SD schools are more complex than the stuff I studied at two copper schools.

I've seen condition 1-2 and 3 referring to 1911 status. I've also seen it referred to holstered-unholstered but not on target-unholstered and on target.

I've seen jam clearing an auto called
I imagine there's more.

I think we tend to want that. Since you can't really teach judgement. Schools, instead, teach "things with acronyms" or "Things with sayings" (like tap-rack bang or admin reload).

"I guess I got my money's worth. I learned a lot of 'sayings'". I'm quite sure the overwhelming majority of people that take those classes don't go practice them at all.

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