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If you have a chance at your local trap/skeet/sporting clays club to do a side by side comparison by borrowing several brands from folks for a few shots, you'll see what I am talking about.

There is a reason Brownings cost about 3K, Blasers about $5K, and Perazzi and Kreighoffs now costing about $12K - it comes down to utmost reliability, perfect triggers, and in the case of Perazzi, wonderful balance.
What this boils down to someone shooting 10 boxes a year? Not much at all; but if you want to start down the addictive road of competitive clay shooting, you'll soon realize that those attributes, plus some good lessons and a lot of practice, are what separate those in first and the rest of the pack.

Not saying everyone needs to go buy a Perazzi or Kreighoff (unless you have the coin), for most of us just starting to get into comp shooting a good Browning or Beretta will suffice for many years (MY Browning O/U bought 19 years ago is approaching 300,000 shots through it and going strong) - it still balances somewhat "EH", but after all that time, I have made some adjustments - have those hurt me? Maybe yes, maybe no - as you start getting closer to the big boys, the differences become more subtle.

But, all that said, for the person just starting and wanting something RELIABLE, and on a sparser budget, it is hard to not go with a good - even used - gas gun from Remington, Beretta, possibly even Browning. They still handle reasonably decently, will go for a L O N G time without major issues and can be customized to a point to make the fit better, handle better and have a great trigger.
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