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...mention any reasoning...
About 20 years ago, at the Lansing, MI, gun and knife show there was an oriental gentleman who had a clever set-up to demonstrate the effectiveness of the lubricant he was selling compared to other common gun lubricants. He had a large diameter smooth wheel rotated by an electric motor. He had a lever that he would press down against the wheel until it stalled with a scale that indicated how many pounds of pressure it took to stall the wheel. In between demonstrating each oil, he would clean the wheel with acetone (as I remember). He clearly demonstrated that his product required many more pounds of pressure on the lever to stall the wheel. He called his product, "A Good Sports Lube", and freely stated that it was small containers or a well-known bulk product.
Such tests carry more weight with me than any number of testimonials by users, inasmuch as the people who swear-by a particular product have no way of knowing how it compares to any other.
The problem I had with the product, is that when I finally ran out of the lube he was selling, he was no longer selling it. He would appear at the gun shows set up to sell highly decorative lamps and I cannot for the life of me, remember the name of the bulk product he had stated was repackaged in his small/more convenient packaging. If anyone else remembers the fellow and what he said was in his bottles, please let us know.
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