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bjones or micro sight?

I'm new to high power service rifle as of a few months ago. My eyes are old enough that I can't focus well on the front sight of my AR-15 with my "normal" glasses. I've been using my "computer" glasses the last few weeks and it's helped a bit although the target 200 yards out is a bit fuzzy.

I'm looking to replace my rear A-2 sight (currently a DPMS national match aperture around .042 and no hood) with either a micro sight or a bjones setup.

Two questions:

Which might be better at 200 yards? That's all we shoot at at my home range. Reduced size targets are used for prone, sitting and rapid fire. I have no illusions achieving great distinction in this hobby. I just want to do my best and have fun (and the better I do, the more fun I have).

With the bjones sight, do I order a lens that lets me focus on the front sight with my "normal" glasses, or to replace my glasses? I'm hoping it's not the latter due to astigmatism that straight diopter correction won't handle. If it's the former, how exactly do I determine the correct lens strength? Make an appointment with my optometrist, or check out the reading glasses at Walgreens while trying to focus on something as far away as my front sight? I'm guessing the other customers wouldn't appreciate it if I brought my AR over there...

Ideally I'd like to be able to switch between left and right handed shooting without changing lenses in the rear sight.
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