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Tuzo, I agree with you. I liked the show, although it was the only episode that I saw. It was very interesting. I just a little wary when I saw the auctioneer be so eager about declaring or "proving" that the 1of1000 was genuine, when its well known among collectors that 1of1000s have plenty of well made fakes (Last night I last looked up auction prices and saw that they go for $50,000 to $450,000...eeek).

I remember one of the guns they auctioned on the show was a 454 Casull, as a very collectible gun. I nearly dropped my jaw so low it hit the floor. I used to own a 454 Casull, and I bought it brand new like 15 years ago. I never thought a NEW gun that I bought in my lifetime would be called a "collectible".

Btw, I thought the Casull was crap. It was so not fun to shoot and handle.
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