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You'll probably go to slide lock.

Most civilans simply empty the gun in the direction of the bad guy. From most of the reports I've read about it (and I don't wanna come off like the toothless sooth on this- but do your own research) most gunfights don't go to a reload.

The things I've gleaned from my years shooting-

Use a charging mag, and "dirty it under" - i.e.- put it at the end of the line of your magazines.

Don't handle loose rounds under pressure unless it's absolutely necessary- use a magazine, stripper clip, speedloader, etc. If you *have to*- (winchester '94, 870, etc- then grab two rounds at a time and use the 2nd round to force the first one in. I liked to leave a gap between each two rounds on a belt slide with cartridge loops for that reason.

Magazines that have been used- even if you just used it as a charging mag- go into the pouch with the "toe" facing to the rear. Full, ready mags go to the front of the line, toe forward.

A defensive pistol is either fully charged and ready in condition 1, or it's empty with hammer down. No half measures. See Archie's post...

My experience with "Tac" reloads is that some guy who designed the course of fire thought it looked cool, not that it's a good idea. My only exception might be the "won't-drop-free-drill": You hit the mag release and the mag (spread lips, Glocks, slide release trapped the mag, etc) won't drop free. Using your fresh mag, strike down at the toe of the spent mag with the heel of the fresh mag, then insert the fresh mag. *My suspicion* is that the guys who came up with IDPA and those goofy reloads just wanted a competitive head start on all the other guys coming over from USPSA who couldn't win either ( ducks behind monitor...)

Press check? I like all of my fingers, especially the index ones. There's lots of alternatives.

Oh, and the watch pocket on jeans? That's for .30-30 ammo....
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