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Re: The real difference between those who carry .45 acp and 9mm

Originally Posted by csmsss View Post
Not even close, at least as far as this discussion of 45 vs. 9mm. Neither cartridge has "energy" capable of inflicting serious trauma (ie hydrostatic shock). The trauma inflicted upon the human body by a 9mm or .45 handgun bullet is determined by the structures which are cut and torn by the bullet itself.
Agreed, you never know what the situation will be when that nasty moment arises. I just don't think it will be a long drawn out shootem up like on TV. Shooting through a wall or car door has pros and cons as does a 10mm with even more penetration.
But I have to always think about "what gun might they have", I don't want to be disadvantaged and don't want to contend with shooting "walking" wounded.

But better to have a gun you will carry, you will shoot, and you can hit with regardless of how it looks on paper.
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