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Personally, and this only based on MY experience with cheap O/U guns - you get what you pay for, and in the world of quality O/U guns, $500 does not begin to cover it. If that is your budget for occasional clay shooting, a nice semi would be more reliable. It isn't that the Turks (if they indeed made this) can't build a decent gun - they can and are getting better all the time; but even they don't make a good one at that price point. If you really want an O/U, look for a Turkish/Huglu made CZ - they should be closer to 800, however.
What makes the O/U spendy compared to pumps and semis is NOT the wood or engraving done by machine, it is the balance, barrel regulation, timed ejectors, and quality triggers - all that takes lots of labor, and labor costs money

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