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Aguila Blanca Tom, that information (your first link) is contrary to what the BATFE FAQ site says in discussing people who own homes in two states, and who occupy one as a vacation home. The FAQ specifically says that you are a resident of each state for the period of time you are living in that state. A vacation home is no less a "home" than a year-round residence as long as the owner occupies the vacation home him/herself and doesn't use it solely as a rental property.
Please point out the contradiction, I don't see it.
In the first link, see page 2, fourth para that address residence in two states.

The advisory you're showing doesn't address people with homes in two states of the U.S., it's for people who live outside the U.S. See the instructions for both question 2 and question 13.
Yes, it does. You need to read beyond the first paragraph. Again see page 2, fourth paragraph.

The answer to the question in the OP here is the instructions for questions 20a and 20b on the Form 4473. The buyer would show his "other" state driver's license and one of the alternate forms of identification. It doesn't have to be a government-issued ID card, it can be a tax bill.
There is no requirement to show or possess a ""other" state driver's license and one of the alternate forms of identification"......that is clearly NOT what is explained in the instructions on the 4473. It is not alternate identification, but alternate DOCUMENTATION that shows name and current residence address. Tax bills, utility bills from municipalities, etc are not identification documents.

The buyer can show ANY government issued photo ID. Few states allow a person to hold valid drivers licenses from multiple states at the same time.
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