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Look, perhaps the day of the old wooden & glass gun cabinet is gone. But, you guys really have it all wrong - that is not a bad thing, it's a good thing. The reason why is obvious, but y'all are seriously overlooking it. Clue - it has nothing (much)to do with crime!

Back in the 1960's '70's and before that, you couldn't buy a what we today call a "gun safe". They simply didn't exist, or if they did, they were impossible to find. The first gun safe I remember seeing was in the 1980's, and the guy who owned it thought it was a really big deal having it. You couldn't simply Google "gun safe" and have literally hundreds of models to choose from that could be delivered to your house and set down right where you want it.

Today, gun safes are relatively inexpensive and you can get a pretty good one starting about $1,500. They look nice in their own right, and they are obviously much more effective than a gun cabinet. Plus, they are easy to stash inside of a closet!

Most folks simply can't rationalize buying a gun cabinet over a safe. The gun cabinet was simply displaced by the gun safe, as it is akin to the buggy whip.
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